Crochet Crop Top Sizing and Size Chart

Crochet Crop Top Sizing and Size Chart
April 6, 2017 Snowflake Crochet

    If you are here because summer is coming and you want to get your side hustle on by crocheting crop tops, this is the place to be. When I started crocheting tops a year ago, I was basically guessing and checking. After doing so many, I finally came up with a chart that I refer to every single time for sizing help.

    Start off with the Basics 


    Jenna Halter Top by Snowflake Crochet

    Halter tops are a great starter project and work up in a decent time. This specific top is my Jenna Halter Top.


    Jenna Halter Top by Snowflake Crochet

    This is the same pattern as the image above except I played with colors to create a watermelon design and used a different stitch to show a little more cleavage. I love a little peekaboo cleavage. Not too much, not too little.

    Things to keep in mind when crocheting a Halter

    • Hook size and yarn size will change your starting chain amount.
    • Stitches like DC and TC are more see through so be careful when using those. You don’t want a nipple poking through. Placement is key.
    • There’s different ways to decrease. I try to use multiple ways in my patterns.
    • It may work with one design but it may not work with another. Learn to adapt and adjust your crochet crop top as you work with different designs.
    • Play around with different hooks. If you need a stitch to be tighter, go down a hook size, and vice versa.

    The cups

    The cups, the cups, the cups.

    So much goes into the cups. You want to achieve a cup that is not flat. Please, do not sell cups that are flat and have the ladies breast sliding to one side. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here for crochet top tutorial.


    Azalea Crop Top by Snowflake Crochet

    Things to keep in mind when crocheting a Bralette

    • No flat cups. I can’t stress this enough
    • The width of the cups should properly cover the chest.
    • The space between the cups. A sl st for size XS, one sc usually does the trick for S and M. two is fine for L and XL. Crocheting too many in between will leave the breast too separated. No one wants that.
    • Straps. Makes sure they are thick and long.
    • Borders around your cups will help to make them stand out. But a plain one is good as well. You can give options.
    • When adding a band, take into account the waist measurement.

    If you are just starting out, open back open back open back, did I say open back? These two tops pictured below is one-two weeks work of testing and tweaking to get this pattern just right to fit from size XS-XL.


    Penelope Crop Top by Snowflake Crochet



    Madeline Crop Top by Snowflake Crochet

    The chart

    This is holy grail when making my crop tops. I also use the width of my tops for the height. It’s been working for me so you can try that and see if it works for you. Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions that you may have or you can DM me on any of my social media pages here.  I hope this chart helps you as much as it has helped me.
    crochet crop top size chart