Knit and Crochet the Perfect Size Hat

Knit and Crochet the Perfect Size Hat
January 13, 2016 Snowflake Crochet

I really really dislike having to count in crochet. It takes too much work to keep track and I can’t deal with stopping to add crochet markers. As I get older, I start to learn things about myself especially things that frustrate me. So what do I do, simple, I avoid the frustration. I try to make things as easy as possible for myself, even if its a little unorthodox.

Well, same thing applies for crochet. I’ve been making quiet a few hats but when I started, hats were way too small or way too big. So what now? I get a pattern and start counting? No, I measure. I simply crochet my bands and every once in awhile I’ll pull out a ruler or tape measure to see how many inches it measured across. When I reached the correct size, I stopped, stitched my ends together and then continue working up. I crochet all of my hats from the bottom up.

But guess what, if you prefer to crochet from the top down, this chart works perfect for you as well. Just crochet in the round starting with your circle, then continue to add more stitches until you reach the correct diameter. I stumbled on this guide on google  and guess who’s responsible from this awesome and helpful guide, no other than Brittany from B.hookedCrochet. So here’s the chart.

Thanks Brittany, you saved me from countless headaches and my husband’s and baby’s heads from constantly being needed as a head guide.