Crochet Speedway Crop Top Pattern

Crochet Speedway Crop Top Pattern
July 5, 2018 Snowflake Crochet
Snowflake Crochet- Speedway Crop Top Pattern

Snowflake Crochet- Speedway Crop Top Pattern

One of my favorite crochet crop top pattern design to date is this Speedway Crop Top. I love the high neck and the fun cluster border. It was able to experiment with shaping and finally adding these cute clusters to a design. I find that this top supports the chest very well and its pair perfectly with high waisted jeans or shorts. You can experiment with colors to create an even more unique look.


Snowflake Crochet- Speedway Crop Top Pattern

Life has definitely done its best to keep this top from releasing but I was on a mission today. Another day was not going to pass without me sitting down and finishing this pattern. It has been so long that when I need to find the top to check the gauge, I had no clue where it was. Of course, I wouldn’t because summer is over and every skimpy item that I own is packed away. After I finally dug through everything to find it, I remembered that I could have easily made a swatch to get the gauge.

The written pattern will have step by step instructions for size small. I included instructions for size medium and large but that those are more condensed.

Download Pattern Here


Method  Crochet

Skill Level  Beginner

Hook   4mm


Stitch marker

Tapestry Needle



Yarn  WAK Pima Cotton

1/2 skein for each color


How to Check Gauge

CH 20. DC in the 3rd CH from hook. DC in all remaining

CHs. *Turn. CH 2. DC in CH 2 space. DC in all remaining

spaces* Repeat between * and * for 12 additional rows

Measure a 3in space then divide by 3 to find the amount

in a 1in area.

Please ensure that you check the gauge to

achieve proper fit.



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Speedway Crochet Crop Top