Bowie Beanie

Bowie Beanie
January 12, 2016 Snowflake Crochet

The cold has finally drifted in and let’s be honest, the men in our lives can use a new beanie.


I’ve been promising a video for the past few weeks but I swear adulthood is taking over so I haven’t gotten around to it.  This week,  I’m putting my foot down and making my first video this Sunday so mark those calendars! I’ll be instructing you on how to make this warm and stylish Bowie Beanie. I know I know I looks hard and you’ve never crocheted but part of the reason I waited so long,  is to create a pattern that looks bomb but simple enough for all my beginners. Trust me, you can pull this one off. But listen, your going to need a few things for Sunday to be prepared, so go to your local yarn store and give the associate this list. Return here Sunday afternoon and a link will be here for that video.

Crochet Lesson#1
1. Bulky weight yarn. Pick a color of your choosing. I’ll be using Lion’s Pride Woolspun
2. A 5.0 mm hook. Please save your fingers by purchasing one with a grip. Pumpkin bought me these and I love it. If you plan on following my videos this would be a great options seeing that it contains all the needles I’ll be using Crochet Hooks
3. Yarn needle with a big eye. I bought these because I keep them all over the apartment. Not on purpose. Yarn Needle
And that’s it. So see you Sunday. Bowie Beanie Tutorial